Friday, 7 December 2012

7 little days

I've had a good week this week, apart from panic over a uni assignment which I thought I had finished but decided I wasn't happy with, so spent most of the week re-writing it, it HAS been a good week.  Why did I decide to do a degree, at my age I ask you! So I just wanted to share some of the things which have made me smile and be thankful for this week. Sometimes we just need to step back and count our lucky stars.  So in no particular order:

Mr B.P. having a good week business wise and surprising me by taking a couple of days off. (This is as rare as hens teeth).

Buying our Christmas tree.  This is a monumental decision in our household.  I have Christmas tree O.C.D. and it has to be perfect, but when I get the right one, I am happy happy happy!

Going with Mr B.P. on a rare day off to see a humungous Christmas display and acting like a couple of kids.

Chai Latte, thank heavens for Chai Latte

The soft (and sometimes not so soft!) snores and the funny little sighs of my little mutt as she curls up next to me whilst I watch a bit of the old T.V.

Making Mr B.P. a hot chocolate with all the trimmings (the sort of hot choccy you need to 'drink with a spoon') and seeing the glee on his face!

Waking in the night to find my kitty-kat curled up beside me, purring gently.

Talking to my best friend over in Australia, twice on the phone for over an hour each time.  God I miss that girl.

Mr B.P. making my dinner twice this week, TWICE! (this is also as rare as hens teeth).

All in all I can't complain over my lot this week, how about you, how has your week been?


  1. What a cute post! Have a nice week!

  2. Hi Kay, I find it so hard to find the perfect tree, I know what you mean! But when it's up and lighted it's so so cute and I'm so happy with it!

  3. How lovely to have some time off together - very rare in our household too!


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