Friday, 22 March 2013

Loves and loathes - February

OK so I know we are hurtling towards the end of March and here I am only just giving you the gossip on my faves and not so faves of February. But what can I say happened? Life happened is what.

My runaway winner for the month of February has been cake and lots of it (this theme is running into March as well dare I say it!). I do love cake at the best of times buuuuutttt at the moment I have a very moreish spot for anything a little bit spongy and swiss rolls are slipping down a treat, more specifically these Asda smart price (40p) raspberry mini rolls and they are sooooo mini that before you know it you have gotten through 2 or 3 or a packet (no? oh that's just piggy little me then ooops).

Next on my loves list is Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder. I won't hark on about it here as I did an in depth review only a couple of days ago which you can read about, depth here.
My last love is this long forgotten but recently resurrected (read that as found languishing at the back of my dressing table drawer) eyeshadow by Natural Collection from Boots in the colour Heather, which looks a lot scarier in the pot that it does on the eye.
It's actually a really pretty purple-grey colour which looks really nice either as a wash of colour over the entire lid or used in a purple smokey eye look. Now as I've had this a while, I'm not sure if this particular colour is still available, but if you haven't tried the Natural Collection from Boots I'd definitely give it a go as I find the pigmentation in these little pots is excellent and at only £1.79 you can't really go wrong.

Finally for the month is this one loath. It's the Skin System eye make up remover from Asda.
I usually use Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth system and although I do use the Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion which is designed to remove light eye make-up, I always find it's not really enough to remove fully even the lightest of eye make ups, so I start my face cleansing routine by using a more heavy duty eye make up remover of which I am not faithful to any particular brand. So after coming to the end of my last bottle and seeing this in the supermarket I thought I'd give it a go. I wish I hadn't. I usually use a liquid type product (you can tell I'm not a beauty blogger can't you!) but this one is a cream and it does not matter how carefully I apply it to my eyelids with a cotton pad (and ladies we all know how gently we should clean the delicate eye area don't we now?), I just find all this product does is end up in my eye rather than remove my eye make up. So total fail and will not be repurchasing once this tube comes to an end.

So what things have you been enjoying/disliking recently?



  1. I'm also a complete cake fiend Kay - do you reckon it's the never ending cold weather that's making us crave the stuff - hot cup of tea and you can't go wrong!The pressed powder looks like a really good product for the price - read your review and that's good staying power! Eyeshadow is a lovely shade - really pretty. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to eye make-up removal and always use my cleansing balm! Have a lovely weekend and don't eat too many raspberry mini rolls! x

  2. Swiss rolls are SO yummy, my mama keeps buying mini rolls and it's taking all my willpower not to eat the lot!

    Jennie xo |

  3. Ah see I will admit, I'm not a massive fan of cake. I mean I love the sweet stuff in life, but not cake really (although I do love brownies, but they don't count :P ) But defiantly can relate to the 2... 3... the packet.Been munching on far too many millionaire shortbread's this week. Its the weather I tell you! :)
    The eye shadow is such a gorgeous colour, Im in a bit of a colour rut at the moment, so I might have to get this just to break my habit! I do like natural collections lipsticks as they are actually really moisturizering

  4. Oh wow. cream eye make up remover sounds like a disaster! Thanks for the tip will be avoiding that!

  5. I'm the same - Liz Earle is aaamazing! I use quite a bit from her. Im loving her sheer tint moisturiser as a base before I put blush on -
    Im blogging about all my new loves this month very soon! Ta for the commnet Lotti X

  6. Those raspberry mini rolls sounds delicious.. haha and sweet treats always seem so easy to get through.

    For me.. currently loving.. jeans! Wearing them a lot more often now than I used to be which is a bit of a change. Also loving Lucas papaw ointment. Got it not too long ago and it is a lifesaver x

  7. mmmm, swiss rolls! Making me hungry over here miss!!!
    I bought myself a Natural Collection blusher at the weekend and I am SO impressed with it! It has wayyyy better pigments than my MAC blushers...definetely going to getting my little mits on some more of there bits!!

  8. I wish we got half of the rimmelmstuff you guys have. I shared some new reviews today on my blog.

  9. I still need to try the Rimmel powder, looks great :)


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