Monday, 19 November 2012

Ladies, I need your Mac help!!!

Ladies, I need your help!!!  I'm about to put an order into Mac for a few bits and pieces and whilst I am there I thought I would get two more eyeshadows to complete my palette and I just don't know which to choose (insert whinny voice here!)I guess you're wondering "why doesn't see just go into her nearest Mac store and choose something?".  Well ladies my nearest Mac is about an hours drive away, right in the centre of a big town and quite frankly I just can't be bothered.  Lazy I know but hey.

This is what I have so far, please excuse the grimy interior of my Mac pallette, disgusting I know but it does get (ab)used on a daily basis.
Top row L to R - Vanilla, Shroom, Kid, Wood-winked, Satin Taupe
Middle row L to R - Naked Lunch, Omega, Amber Lights, Stars 'n' Rockets, Fig. 1
Bottom row L to R - Sumptious Olive, Copperplate, Carbon
As you can see, oh God I'm going to say those two little words - HIT PAN  - with Vanilla and Omega, I love these two and they feature regularly in my day to day face so will re-order but what on earth should I get to fill those two lonely little spaces?

I am considering possibly Filament, Electra, Silver Ring or Knight Divine, but am not sure which to go for, if any of the ones I've mentioned above, so your help is desperately needed and greatly appreciated!

Just for info, I am fair skinned with blonde (natural of course!) hair and dark blue eyes.

So what do you think I should go for, what colours can't you live without and why?


  1. Hate to admit this but ....I've never bought anything from Mac before. Am i really missing out?

  2. On their eyeshadows I would say hell yeah!!! I use their paint pots as they give a really good base on which to apply shadow and I find their shadows are (usually depending on the nature of them) highly pigmented and long lasting.

    I've heard lots of 'debate' that their bases/foundations aren't as good as other high end brands but I've never used them so can't comment.

  3. I definitely can't help but your palette looks so pretty so far! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. All I got is that I've been eyeing Corduroy, looks like the perfect brown shade for those lazy days, just a wash of the colour all over the lid do add some definition! xx

    1. Thanks Ferdie, I have been considering Corduroy :)

  5. Vex and Patina, they're simply gorgeous and go well with everything :)


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