Thursday, 1 November 2012

Loves and Loathes - October

Whoah two posts in one day, I must be cooking on gas!  OK I know this is a bit late for October but if you've read the post below you will see I've been globetrotting!

Anyway, this is something I am going to try and do at the end of each month - my loves and loathes. It will be a random collection of all things I have liked and disliked for that month, so it could include, films, books, food, drink, fashion, make-up - pretty much anything goes.

Ok lets get too it......
First up is my read - South Riding by Winifred Holtby.  There was the adaptation of this on telly last year I think, starring Nathaniel Parker.  I'm usually a read the book first, watch the film/adaptation later, kind of gal but when this came out on t.v. I am ashamed to say I hadn't heard of it, so watched it, totally enjoyed it and when I saw the book in my local bookshop thought I have to read it.

'When Sarah Burton returns to her hometown as headmistress she is full of ambition, determined to create a successful school and to inspire her girls to take all they can from life.  But in the aftermath of the First World War, the country is in depression and ideals are hard won.  Lydia Holly, the scholarship girl from the shacks, is the most brilliant student Sarah has ever taught, but when her mother's health fails, her education must be sacrificed.  Robert Carne of Maythorpe Hall stands for everything Sarah despises: his family has farmed the South Riding for generations, its position uncontested.  Yet Sarah cannot help being drawn to this proud, haunted - and almost ruined - man.  South Riding is a rich, panoramic novel, bringing vividly to life a rural community on the brink of change'.

I would say if you've seen the adaptation and liked it then you will like the book even more.

Yankee Candle in Mandarin Cranberry.  This is such a nice mix and I've been burning it since the end of summer (when did summer actually start let alone end?!) as it is the perfect blend of summer and autumn scents.  I started burning this after reluctantly putting away my Wax Lyrical Cottage Garden candle, which is my favourite candle of all time.

My final love is Yves Rocher Instant Anti-wrinkle Moisturizer.  Like many I got this in my October Glossybox  I have found it to be a really fresh scented easily absorbed moisturiser.  Although not so sure about the Anti-Wrinkle properties LOL.

My one loath of the month is MUA's Undressed eyeshadow pallette.  I know this is big in the beauty blogging world and is a great price at only £4.00 (currently £3.00) at Superdrug but there just weren't enough matte shadows in it for me and worse still I 'think' I might have be slightly allergic to it.  I've used a couple of the colours a couple of times and both times it has made my eyes water slightly.

This means I am very reluctant to use it again.  I have only used a couple of the colours and swatched a couple of others, so I am GIVING THIS AWAY!!!!!! If someone out there would like this then just drop me an email with your details and I will pop it in the post to you.  Don't all rush at once but first come first served so to speak.

So what have you been loving and loathing in October?

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