Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Christmas Tag

I saw this over on the lovely Sarah from Life in a breakdown's blog and she in turn came across it on Makeup Pixi3's blog.  I just love a good old tag so here's my tuppence worth!

1. What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
It's so difficult to choose one thing.  I would say time off and spending it with family and all the longstanding traditions we have.  Eating lots of things which aren't so good for you but which taste Oh So Good! The twinkly lights, the smell of the Christmas tree.  Even cooking the Christmas dinner, I love it all!

2. What's your favourite make-up look for the festive season?
Loads of glimmer and shimmer.  Lots of smoky eyes and deep rich nail colours are usually what I go for over the Christmas period.

3. Real tree or fake tree?
Oh it has to be real for me.  I know I would save myself a fortune in the long run by investing in a really good artificial one but there is just something about a real tree.  We always had a real tree when I was a nipper, apart from when I was really really small and we had a very trendy white fake one (it was the 70's!), so I guess my love of real stems from there.  It's a big tradition in our house, Mr B.P. and I go out together to get said tree.  I do lots of "that one" and he pulls it out of the big pile and stands there, holding it whilst I ummm and arrrr and say "no that one".  We get there in the end!  But it's real all the way.

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?
It has to be giving.  I love shopping for others, getting something which (I hope) they'll love.  Spending time wrapping it just so.  It's a ritual for me and I just love to see others faces when they open their pressies.

5. Do you open your presents morning or evening?
It's usually a little bit of both.  We like to draw it out so it lasts all day!  We'll open a couple during breakfast but the main ones wait until after lunch which we usually sit down to eat at about 2.30pm. So it can go on until late afternoon.

6. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
Have to admit to sending bought ones here.  Although I do love to receive a handmade one.

7. What's your favourite Christmas film?
That has got to be It's a Wonderful Life.  (Is it weird that Jimmy Stewart plays the main lead in both of my all time favourite films?!)  But if I'm looking for a bit of light hearted humour, you can't go wrong with Elf.

8. What's your favourite Christmas food?
This is a bit like the first question.  There is just too much too choose from!  We always crack open a tin of Quality Street and I love a mince pie (or 3).  To be honest, I love it all - yep even the sprouts!

So that's my Christmas tag!

I tag - ALL OF YOU!
Leave me a comment below and a link so I can read all about Your Christmas Tag


  1. Yay fab answers - and you cannot beat Quality Streets, I heard of a website where you can buy tins that only contain your favourite ones - I have to find it! xx

    1. OMG if you find that site, please let me know about it!!!

  2. Eee I love this tag, I'm so so excited for Christmas! You have to have Quality Street at Christmas! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Such a lovely tag! I'll do it asap ;)

    1. That would be great, I shall have a look :)

  4. Love this! I'll definitely do it x

    1. Hope you do, I love reading other peoples tags! I am so nosey ;)


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