Friday, 26 October 2012

New Boots..................

and a new scarf!!!!
Just delivered were these bad boys from Next   Not too bad at £85 me thinks. Very excited to get a new pair of black winter boots, unfortunately Mr B.P. just doesn't understand the excitement, what is wrong with the man???  His response was "don't you have some black boots already?" Yes but not like THESE I squealed.  They will have their very first outing tomorrow. (Will I be able to sleep tonight with the excitement, I am such a sad muppet!).
As they are black, I just couldn't resist this burnt orange scarf which I saw in a little boutique near me, to go with it.  It's the sort of place where you don't like to look at the price tags do ya know what I mean?! But this was actually from White Stuff
The price of £17 sure beat the one of £169 for a vest top they had in the very same boutique.  Yep that isn't a typo, a plain vest top for £169!!!  I love nice things but surely that is more money than sense?!

Anyways enough ramblings from me, I am off to gaze longingly at my new boots :)

What have you lovelies bought recently that you are raving about?

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