Monday, 14 January 2013

Dishmate Washing up liquid in Natural pear - Natures Health Box

Now I'm a big advocate of natural products in my family, I have a husband who has allergy issues and I developed an intolerance to synthetically produced air fresheners after years of working for the NHS in a hospital which used them, so I try to use as many natural products in my home as possible.  Also as a qualified and practising Complementary Therapist I always use organic and natural products on my clients.  At home I use Ecover for my washing up liquid of choice so I was intrigued to try this Dishmate version as an alternative.

Earth Friendly Products state their Natural Pear washing up liquid to be formulated to be a truly pure, green and effective washing up liquid.  Dishmate's neutral pH - skin's natural pH - makes Dishmate extremely gentle on hands.  Dishmate will shine every pot, pan and dish in your cupboard and suffuse your kitchen with full-bodied, fresh essential oil scents.  Dishmate is made fully from plants with natural essential oils and is very concentrated.

Cannot argue with that.  I found this to be a very effective alternative to my current eco washing up liquid.  I have been using it for over a month and I still have plenty of liquid left from a 750ml bottle.  A couple of squirts go a long way.  It was definitely effective in its cleaning power, gives a nice amount of bubbles - I find if a washing up liquid is too foamy you think what the hell is in this stuff? and if it's not foamy enough you think, hmmmm what is this really going to do for my pots and pans? But dishmate covers this nicely.  I totally loved the scent of Natural Pear, very different to what you normally find with similar products which tend to come in a citrus scent.  Would I buy this? For sure.

You can buy this product through Natures Health Box here.

Alternatively you can view all of Natures Health Box products here.

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*Disclaimer - I was sent this product by Natures Health Box free of charge for review.  I was not paid for this post and all views are my own.

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